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 Apps Life Savior For Business Entrepreneurs.



Can apps be a life saviour for serious business entrepreneurs? Technology has become an integrated part of our lives today. Apps have become a critical part. The apps industry is bustling to generate great apps.

Our day revolves around the gadgets. Can you imagine a day without your mobile or laptop? I guess not. Can this technology be a boom to the entrepreneurs?

There are such wonderful apps for business entrepreneurs which can be used to scale business.

No Time To Note

You are in a business meeting & forget to make notes for the details of the meeting. Evernote is a great app, which you can use during the meetings & save the details. You can share the details with your EA once you sync the app. This app helps you keep all the details saved in notes form.

Task Left Unaddressed

The most critical part of every entrepreneur is they forget. They’re an app called Week Agenda. You can mark all your tasks. The app gives you reminders at the specified time. All your worries of not remembering the task resolves.

Forgot The Message



You receive an order & are so excited. Next day you forgot the client’s specifications. How do you handle the situation? It doesn’t give a good impression of professionalism. There’s an app called Voice Recorder. You can record all the client’s specifications & mail or save the file.

What’s App

A great, powerful tool. Make a group with your EA on what’s app. The moment you have an important task to address just put a message on the group & the work  gets delegated. You can also send voice notes through what’s app.


Another powerful app for all the focused entrepreneurs. This app helps entrepreneurs to schedule. All your meetings throughout the day, week & month. There is no room for default. You can’t forget a single meeting. All your commitments mapped.

You can manage all meetings as well as your family time.

Scanning & Saving

The scanner is a helpful app, you can scan. Scan & keep all your important documents scanned in your phone. Even if you forget to carry your documents you have them handy on your phone.

Google Drive



A wonderful app by Google saving the life of all entrepreneurs. This app helps you save & upload all your files. You can work out of office as well as on a move. You can share it, edit it & save it. Your office is on a move with you all the time.

The room for forgetting has no scope. You can scale your business to a new level with these power-packed apps. Just don’t mistake them for a simple app. Make your business strong with these apps.

Would be happy to hear comments from business entrepreneurs using apps for business.  Scale your business to new heights. Drop your comments.


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