I Found My Best Friend Have You?

best friend

I know we all have a best friend. But how many of us stay connected with our school, childhood friends.

I guess a very few of us are still connected with our childhood best friend. And why is it so?

We are all so busy supporting our own life's that we have no more time for our best friend Click To Tweet

We all have friends, we are social after all.

But how many of us stick with our childhood best friend.

Even when I was a child I had a best friend. But as my father had a moving job I had to leave the place so my best friend was left behind.

In early 90’s there were hardly phones. So I hardly could stay connected with her.

For a few days, in the beginning, it was rough, but as the days passed by I got busy with my studies & forgot as a child.

Days passed & so did years, I had almost forgotten everything except the name of my best friend “NARMADA

A quite girl, spoke very less, hardly expressed her feelings but always fun to be with.

On the other side, I was aggressive, talkative & bold.

We both complimented each other very well as best friends.

I missed her but couldn’t do anything about it.

I got married, had kids & was busy with my career. And guess so did she.There was no looking back.

One day to my surprise I received a message from my messenger. I hardly remembered anything so I couldn’t recognise the person whom the message was from.

There was a picture in ¬†the message of beautifully dresses men n women. The picture was captioned “Reunion of 10th classYear 88-89“.

I was zapped.

Sudden memories of the past started rolling down in my mind. The memories I had forgotten, the world which had completely closed.

I had not even remembered a single one in past 27 years was which surprised me. But the whole class remembered me. That was the reason they could find me.

That was a beautiful world, a world where every child is the happiest. I guess even today when you remember your childhood memories you feel a certain amount of thrill, happiness & completeness.

best friend

After seeing the picture n reading tears rolled down my eyes to see all my old friends Click To Tweet

I messaged back to the person who had messaged me, his name is “SRINIVAS

He saw my message in the night, he reverted back n we messaged for more than 2 hours.

He said we have created a What’s app group I will get you added in the morning.

In the morning when I was added to the group, the kind of welcome I received was warm & amazing from all my friends. The most beautiful

The out of every thin the best part was I found my best friend. A friend I found after 27 years.

I had not done any effort to find her, I grabbed the phone & started scrolling the group found her number.

Out of all, I had not forgotten her face I still remembered her smile, & the beautiful mole she had on her face.

She was still smiling the same way as if telling me I found you.

I messaged her, & got a reply back. She was still slow n was trying to find that am I still her old best friend.

We chatted till the phone batteries died. She remembered all my family members names.

She had put in all effort to find me as in India your sir name changes after marriage. So it was difficult to find me by my old name.

She searched for my brother, she found him. Then she checked for my father & from there she found me.

It took her 8 months to find me. I was glad she found me.

I had never in my wildest dreams had thought that my silent “NARMADA” ¬†would have found me.

best friend

A Tribute To My Best Friend- Narmada

I couldn’t have asked for more in the world but a best friend like you. You are unique, special n near my heart what else could I have asked for. I wish you be my best friend whenever I come in this world, come like my sister to be together forever.

What brings us close is the warmth of relationships & not the distance Click To Tweet

best friendI salute to the effort of our entire class who made this reunion happen & brought best friends back. Erranna To You too….. & each & everyone who made this happen. Thank you for finding me………

I thank you for reading until the end and I’m sure you also have your story about your best friend. I would love to hear & share your story with the world. If you have lost your best friend do find her & tell her how much you love her.

Don’t forget I Will be glad to help you.

best friend





P.S I couldn’t have personally thanked everyone but through this blog I pay my tribute & dedicate to my entire class of ADONI 88-89 batch. You are all very special to me.

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