Brain Training-Click, Browse & Delete To Be A Leader.

Brain Training

Brain Training.

Believe it or not, the brain is training it all the time. What the brain does is what it believes. The brain is training itself to the situations occurring in life. The  average brain uses only 10% of the brain.

What does the rest of the brain do? It is just unused. With only 10% of used brain can we reach new heights? Born to lead but training the brain to be a follower.

Past Files.



The present situation of life is the outcome of the belief system. The guidance directed by parents, teachers, friends & surroundings is what t the brain trains to believe. The situation in which the brain handles the situation becomes to believe. Books also become an integrated part of the beliefs.

When I was a child I found a pen. I showed it to my teacher, she said that I have stolen the pen. The impact “Never Speak The Truth.” This becomes a belief. The brain stores past experiences as files. The same situation occurs again in life & the brain is already trained. It refers to the saved file in the brain & the reaction is same.

Life Jacket-Save Yourself.

Our brain wears a life jacket on the basis of past experiences. These files don’t let the brain take a risk in life. Our performance in our job, business, relationships remain the same. Just struck up in the situation feeling helpless &  self-pity. Just remove the life jacket of past  experience and be a leader to create the new destiny.

Training To Be A Leader Or Follower.

Brain Training

Brain Training.

With the past brain training experience either we rebel against the society or surrender as a follower. The brain training holds a deep impact of the past as a burden. Rebels become leaders, is what the people tell us. The past experience of a rebel even though a leader, carries  frustration from the past. The leader is a positive or a negative human, also depends on their past experiences.

Train To Break Your Barriers.

Stop for a moment & think that who are we? A bundle of past experience. A leader with frustrations or a follower with nothing to say. A leader is a phase change, but the frustrations hold back to explore the potential to the fullest.

Relieve the frustrations by removing the past baggage. See the new dawn of light within. The barriers waiting within them to be conquered & broken. The new search of the self-will help brings the new wave of  change. The unexplored potential of the unexplored brain to reach new heights.Click, browse &Share your experiences & Act Now.

brain training