8 Important Facts About A Child’s Behaviour

child's behaviour

Is Your child’s behaviour a question which keeps your mind engaged? As parents, we are always worried that have we done justice to our being parents. The guilt keeps on lingering in our minds. I was talking to a friend(Sanjay Chaudhry) & he shared about a mail he had received. This was about a child’s behaviour.

As I read the mail I felt surprised to read the facts. This initiated me to write on the subject as I myself am a mother of two sons. We all as parents have issues with our child’s behaviour at some point or the other. We at times even end up taking wrong steps as parents.

This is an old study before even psychology got its name. I would invite all the concerned parents to give a few moments to read to create value in your life. This will also strengthen your relation with your child. Understand your child behaviour psychology behind it.

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1. If your child lies to you often. It is because you over-react too harsh to his inappropriate behaviour.

2.If your child had poor self-esteem.  It is because you TELL him more than you encourage him.

3. If your child does not stand up for himself. It is because from a young age you have rebuked him ON & OF in public.

4.If your child is a coward, it is because you help him too quick.

5.If your child is too quick to anger. It is because you give too much attention, attention to his misbehaviour. And you give VERY little attention to his good behaviour.

6.If your child is openly defiant.  it is because you openly threaten to do something but don’t follow through.

7.If your child is secretive.  It is because he doesn’t trust that you won’t blow things out of proportion.

8.If your child talks back to you, it is because he watches you do it to others and thinks it is normal behaviour.

child's behaviour

Does your child behaviour reflect any of the above? Take a moment & think where did it go wrong. Hope you are a great parent and put in all the effort to reconstruct your child’s behaviour positively.

If You are facing any issues or want to speak on any of your issues please feel free to connect with me. You can connect with me on Facebook, Linkedin or Drop a Mail.

P.S. What makes the relationship beautiful & enriching is “YOU”. So always take the first step in enriching the relationship. Special thanks to a dear friend “Sanjay” who shared his conversation.


child's behaviour

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