Can You Diet For A Lifetime & Survive Your Entire Life


Diet is an integral part of our day to day life. I’m a foodie & love fitness at the same time.

I know we all have cravings for our favourite foods and sometimes we aren’t able to control ourselves and then feel guilty as we cheated.

I used to diet for losing my weight but had cravings for the food I loved at the same time.

With all the dieting & weight loss I started growing weak from inside. One day while I was walking down the street I just blacked out.

It took a few minutes & I was back in my sense. To tell you the truth I was pretty scared from the inside. I was young, just 29 and how could I black out. The question kept wandering my mind & I was clueless.

So I started researching & asking questions on to what changes were happening inside my body. What I discovered was I was that my body was not getting proper nutrients.

It never occurred to my mind that it was the deficiency of the nutrients which was making my body agile. Click To Tweet

Before starting let’s see what nutrition is all about.

A nutrition-dense diet that has all nutrients i.e has all macro + micronutrients in right quantities. They give your body gets a great punch of energy as well as help the body functioning, body repairing.

dietSo what are Micronutrients In A Diet

Micronutrients -micro + nutrients => small + nutrients so they are those nutrients that must consist of our diet.

In simple language, they are called vitamins and minerals they are required in small quantities in our diet.

These should be added to our diet in small quantity but are vital for proper functioning and growth of our body.

What happens if you don't eat- Ex DEFICIENCY of iron in the diet results in weakness and blackouts. Click To Tweet


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  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    The blackout was the signal which spinned my head & I started chasing & figuring out what most of us do wrong.

  2. JEN

    That would be scary to just black out like that!

    Understanding when your cravings are signals from your body to increase certain nutrients is an important skill for every healthy person, in my opinion.

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