Good Eating Habits, Road To A Better Life Style

eating habits

We all know good eating habits lead to a better lifestyle. Do how many of us aim to achieve it? 

We all love to hear good things about ourselves. That motivates us to look better & in return, we starve & diet to look good.

We eat the wrong kind of foods & put on more weight. Click To Tweeteating habits

Developing good eating habits keeps your sugar levels  normal & don’t lead to cravings. A healthy body can have a healthy mind.

Eating habits include eating within 1/2 hour of waking up.The body has been starving for eight hours now. Have a fruit & go for your walk, yoga or exercise what ever suits your morning routine.

That’s as important as doing your morning routine.

eating habits

A misconception about banana is it is high in sugar. Bananas are high levels of vitamin B-6, high in antioxidants & high in potassium. The important thing is when to eat it. You need a good amount of energy before a strenuous workout, eat 2 bananas it keeps and sustain your blood sugar levels.

Sugary drinks, slurpy ice-creams, pastries, doughnuts can along with a sedimentary lifestyle lead to weight.

There are plenty of natural sugars in forms of fruits. Changing to healthy eating habits not only helps you maintain your sugar levels also they help you look youthful, fight obesity & disease.

We are all aware as we grow old so does our metabolism rate. To maintain high metabolism rates it’s equally important a well-balanced diet & to maintain the right sugar levels.

This keeps diseases at a distance & you are able to manage a healthy lifestyle with growing age.

Eat fruits every day which are low in sugar levels daily, there are a bunch full to choose from. Click To Tweet

eating habits

The sooner you start the better life you lead. Hope I inspired you in changing your eating habits.

Will be happy to help if you are facing a challenge with your change in healthy eating.

If you are a health & fitness freak do share your experiences, do mail meOR TWEET to me.

With Love

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eating habits




  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Beth really appreciate yo liked it

  2. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Beth

  3. Beth Lapin

    Interesting tips.

    Beth Lapin
    Activities for a Good Life

  4. Beth Lapin

    Important suggestions.

    Beth Lapin
    Activities for a Good Life

  5. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Paromita, even it took me a while to break the myth. Now I know & can confidently say that.

  6. Paromita Goswami

    Thank for the banana tip Richa. Now I can tell people why I love going bananas.

  7. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Kala for Sharing.

  8. Kala Ravi

    Hi Richa, these were such lovely tips you shared.I love bananas and not being a weight watcher I eat at least one everyday. Thanks for the valuable information.

  9. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Enjoy them they are really good for your stomach! cheers

  10. Rian

    Very nice post (I had one about bananas as well :D). I now have a craving for couple of these sunny fruits. 🙂

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