5 Unique Ways To Focus From Grades D To A+


With distractions all around, has your child lost his focus? Losing grades can be frustrating at times. School, tuition n extra classes have lost the charm. With all the efforts to get an A+ but still not getting a breakthrough. 

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As a mother of two I realised all parents have challenges with the focus on studies. Especially if they are teenagers.Do you agree? Once the grades start falling down, it becomes difficult to be back on track.

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1.Study Less Materialize More

With all the pressure around from teachers, friends n parents how does the child study. If the child is more focused on mugging up it will never happen. Clarity of concepts is an important aspect for getting an A+. Choose a topic & clear the doubts on that subject. Once the doubts are clear it will be in the memory hook for a life time.

2. Stick To Basics

When it comes to clearing the topics always stick to the basics. If the child is studying a topic check what simple examples can be attached from day to day life. This creates a simple way for the child to focus. For Example, a simple example of a bicycle can help him focus on how force used in physics.

3. Avoid PressureFocus Studies

With so much pressure to handle pressure from parents can be a negative impact. Talk to the child where he is stuck up. This gives a better inside on how the child can be better helped with the topic.

4. Visualize

When it comes to the focus part visuals are always great. Try creating pictures on the topics unclear to the child. This process creates a longer picture in the memory lane.

5. Mind Mapping

This is a great tool & helps the child to enhance focus.This is a creative app which helps the child to enhance his  After you discuss the topic let the child memorize it with mind mapping. This helps the child be more open & learn new topics easily.

Focus Studies

If you still face a problem with the focus of your child & want to know more about the topic OR I can be of any help feel free to CONNECT.


  • Share your experience about the challenges on Focus your child faces.
  • Do you face a situation where it is difficult for your child to achieve grades?


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