Friends In Hard Time Are Friends For Lifetime


Do you have friends & love your them?

I guess you would answer, We all have.

I am sure yes, few of them are our lifeline’s.

I know you still remember your first class bunking with your friends. All the little mischief, we did with them. Giving titles to teachers & telling the teacher the names the students have titled them with.

School & college life is alway best with friends. I can’t forget the ad Airtel sponsored was a super hit “Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai”. It’s a sense of being yourself with them. No hiding of thoughts chits chatting long hours, sharing feelings for a friend you are madly in love. Those times are amazing.

The new journey of our life starts when we start our career. Less time for friends, less sharing, busy with new life & it’s challenging.

But somewhere deep in your heart, you miss them & remember the old nostalgic times. Click To Tweet

One day you get a call from your friend & he is seriously ill. What do you do? Click To Tweet

Just leave everything to take care of him.

I am sharing with you a story of three friends, one of the fell seriously ill. One of the three friends was staying in Pune & received a serious stroke.

Rushed to the hospital, he was depicted with rarest of the diseases. The virus was attacking his nervous system & his body was not able to fight the virus. This led him into a comma.

Two of the friends Hemant & Manish were living in Delhi. They receive a call from Pune informing about their friend’s illness. They both left in a shock hearing the news.


Heart struck, after hearing the news they decided to go to Pune. On reaching the hospital & meeting the doctor, the come to know the disease is deadly. The chances of survival are 50/50. The worries became graver on thinking about the members of the family.

They decided to stay with their friend. They started talking to him even though he was in a comma. The doctor was surprised to see the patient started to respond after a few days.

He took 45 days to come out of the comma. He is in the process of leading a normal life. Complete recovery will take a due course of time.

But truly I was touched from the bottom of my heart to see the true spirit of friendship. And the existence even today, the bond so strong & friendship still date has “NO RULES“.

I hope you have a story to share about you & your friends. Would love to hear them & share them with the “WORLD”.


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