Happiness Is Not One Big Thing In The World


What does happiness mean to YOU? Is it just a word of materialistic “GOALS” you are achieving or does it have a different meaning in your life.

Happiness has taken a back seat in our lives. We are more focused on materialistic things for happiness. Materialism is still in full swing, but for many people, it’s started losing its appeals.

We are working harder, longer & just earning more money as an outcome. Certainly it becomes obvious that money can’t buy you happiness.

When I feel lonely & want someone by my side to talk to me, to listen to me. I know all the money in the world will not buy me a good ear to listen. I need a friend to talk to, to share my happiness, my sorrows.

Does it happen with you?

 I guess it happens with all humans.

Do you feel people have started realising that identity is not shaped by what you own or consume, but by who you are and how you live?

The biggest truth is we are disconnected with “SELF”. In reality, we don’t want the truth of “SELF” we keep running after the materialistic happiness.

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My phone rings & a friend calls up. She is depressed & sad, not knowing what to do. As the conversation started I realized, she was devasted from the situation. As I pep talked her she started looking at the situation differently. She started feeling more confident & happy. We ended the conversation & she hung up the phone.

Two days later she posted on my facebook wall for friends are for life. Further, she mentioned in the conversation how she was bogged down & I pepped her up.

I felt so happy as if I received the best gift of my life I think the money couldn’t have given me. The moment made me feel I made a difference in someone’s life.

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To an extent, the happiness phenomenon needs a search for meaning. This gives another MORE STRONG reason for US to incline more towards spiritualism.

Though there is nothing wrong with being spiritual. But don’t mix happiness with spiritualism. In earlier times people were more focused on survival & just didn’t have time for self-introspection.

 Keep an eye on how often the JOURNEY OF LIFE appears to “YOU“.

Do you feel happiness as a part of YOUR life’s journey? Want to share “YOUR” happiness story with me. Will be more than happy to SHARE it with the world. Want to talk to me just drop a mail.



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