Communicate to Heal

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Life is happy and sad at the same time. When people are unable to handle a challenge. Today I met a friend facing a challenge in her life. This also reminded me, of my own early days of my relationships. I will share with you why it becomes a challenge more. Because it becomes your language and language further becomes your thought.


My friend was facing a challenge. She was not able to communicate her thoughts with her mother in law. She saw her as her biggest enemy. Though she could have been her best friend. When we started speaking about it, she was speaking more about it. How the situation was occurring to her. She had started living the relationship more on her feelings. Rather than the actual situation. When we spoke further, she started visualising the past incidents. And realised that her mind started blocking her. She was not able to take the relationship further. The beautiful relation of two humans was so sour that she wanted a separate house. She had stopped talking to her mother in law. Further her relationship with her husband was also on a bad note.

Heal To Communicate



Now she has two options. Either she separates from her in-laws or she improves her relationship with them. I suppose, the easy way will be separation. But does one realise the pain & agony a human undergoes in this situation? And with a confusing state of mind do you make the right choice. The difficult part would be nurture, mend the relationship but it would take effort. Not the other person effort, but your effort to look at the relationship in the new light. At this point can you rewind the past. Take a look at the situation whether the things going on in your mind. Or you were assuming the situation. The unsaid uncommunicated part between the both. It is more strong and prominent between the relationship.Communication is the most powerful tool to heal relationships.


You start realising, the past rests on your assumptions. And not even 10% of it had happened. Communicate the challenges with the person. Any you start realizing that the challenges you were facing were never there. They were originating from your thoughts. The uncommunicated unsaid thoughts between the two. Always communicate your feelings to the other person. Always keep your mind clear. The relationship will grow in a new light.

Do you face communication as a challenge in your life? Do you know people facing the same challenges? You can discuss your challenges by posting your comments below. Will be happy to hear and help you.