Health Product A Product Or Parameter For Lifetime

health product

The word “HEALTH PRODUCT” has become a paradox. Why do I say so?

I hear people talk all the time about new diet foods & health products. But how safe are they to consume?

Some of the health product sold don’t mention all the ingredients. This creates a lot of health issues consuming them in the long run. Every three years a new disease is born & We are fighting them.

So why don’t we start eating healthy?

It’s not difficult to start eating healthy & stop having fad diets.

There are plenty of good recipes you can choose from.

Simple changes in your cooking can give greater health benefits.

Simple changes like deep frying vs baking can make the food taste equally good. The nutrients remaining intact & lesser intake of oils. Giving health & taste good at the same time.

health product

Does that sound that difficult?

I have replaced most my cooking to baking with minimum oils. The white flour with wheat flour making it even more nutritious & healthy to eat.

Health is not a product packed in a box of goodies, but a new way you eat. Click To Tweet

Health Product Vs Cooking Benefits

  1. Safe & healthy to consume.
  2. You know what you are eating.
  3. You can change the flavour to your taste.
  4. Less consumption of unhealthy foods.
  5. Fresh food to your plate.
  6. No consumption of harmful preservatives.
  7. Less intake of sugars & oils.

health product

There are plenty of health products, some good & some not so good. We don’t have the recipe to figure that out.

Pregnant working mothers eating unhealthy food, kids are born with new diseases every day. Scientists trying to figure out the diseases & measures to fight them.

What I always believe in prevention is better than cure. I believe that so do you.

So take the first step to healthy cooking & baking. There’s nothing better than a good homemade meal.

Health product is an easy buy, longer road to a better life is a healthy meal.

I cook healthy meals every day coz I understand the importance & so do you.


     To A Happy & Healthy Meals

health product


  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Dixita,I love cooking so I cook my version of food avoiding oils.

  2. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    I know Kala but the soil already is contaminated with toxins so even the organic farming is a hyped word. Thanks you liked it.


  3. Dixita

    Loved the tips to cook healthy food .
    Avoiding oil ,and eating Boiled vegetables or green vegetables , and so on things are guidelines to good health

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

  4. Kala Ravi

    Very true, prevention is better than cure. But in today’s times even fresh fruits and vegetables are laden with chemicals….we need to combat that and make organic farming popular.
    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips Richa
    @KalaRavi16 from

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