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When I started my weight-loss journey I just had one thing in mind is to lose weight. No other thought ever occurred to my mind. 

Over the period of time, my body started losing weight, but it started getting weak as well. I was confused why is my getting weak when I am losing weight. My son was young & so to manage him also was becoming a challenge.

My diet was so restricted that even when I ate something from the routine food I couldn’t digest. My mind & body became weak, but I was not the kind of person who would give up easily.

So I decided to explore food & the effects on our bodies. It was important to me as I was raising two children & wanted to give them the best nutrition.

What I found was what I was eating was making my weight-loss, but my body was draining out nutrients & making me weak. No one to guide but had a drive and did whatever information that I gained.

I read books gained knowledge by trials and errors & what I learnt was I am sharing with you. Click To Tweet


My Experience Taught Me About Weight-Loss


  1. Nutrition dense food lacks YOUR diet
  2. Then got to know not only are macronutrients are important but micro are an essential part too of proper body functioning
  3. Researched for vitamin and mineral rich foods what & how much the body needs.
  4. No supplements till the time the body is in extreme need of them
  5. Use real food & no supplement
  6. Keep your body properly hydrated 

With a few changes in my diet & the results were tremendous I felt great, healthy, energetic & light. So be YOUR own trainer and not just rely on someone else to teach you. Explore your body mind and soul and find your perfect plan that suits your body type.

Fitness in not only about to have a six pack or ripping muscle but is above all of these and is like a lifestyle to rejuvenate your mind body soul. Click To Tweet



I got a lifestyle change by adopting the new ways of eating, have you started yet?

Do write your weight-loss experience & the best ways you deal with. Will be glad to hear from you.

With Love

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  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Jen

  2. JEN

    I love learning about your journey. Being healthy really is a personal quest unique to each of us!

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