List Of Healthy Foods Avoid Processed Food

healthy foods

I talk a lot about healthy foods because I love them.

The reason I talk about it so much is we are in an age of packaged foods. With so many harsh chemicals going in our body the entire essence of the food is left behind. We damage our internal body systems, grow new diseases & feel sick even when the body looks good from outside.

We don’t even realize the damage created internally. We believe in what we see is the fact, but belief me, it becomes so late when you first realize the effect.

healthy foods

Today we live in a fast track world, we want to achieve everything at a glance. The most important thing we forget is if we are fit we can achieve everything in the world.

I personally realized this when my body started it giving back in the form of illness.

So I started cooking & baking my healthy meals, I will share the list with you. I hope they also help you in a better living.

List Of Healthy Foods.


I use oats in a lot of forms like baking sugar-free cookies, breakfast salted cupcakes, ice creams, shakes & baked oil free cutlets.


It’s been a long time I am baking my own loaves of bread, I love the smell & aroma of baking filled in my kitchen. So I started experimenting on soy bread, multi-grain bread on my own.

I adjust the quantities as per my choices cutting all the white flours. What I found the bread we buy in the market has some portion of white flours in them.


A well-grilled piece of tofu with a dash of soy sauce, few herbs n baked vegetables makes a great meal.


Sprout your lentils they are a good source of protein. You can bake

them with oats n create a new meal to your taste.


Cheese is a good source of calcium. Sometimes we don’t drink milk daily to complete our calcium needs. Cheese is a good source to fulfill your daily calcium needs.


To keep your bones strong you need milk & if you are a lactating mother it is all the more necessary. One glass of milk daily is a must have.


Yogurt is good in like calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium, and magnesium. It is also good for the stomach because of its probiotic qualities.

8.Less/ No oil Food

Fried food or excess oil can damage your liver. A maximum of 4-5 tsp. of oil is the maximum requirement of your body.

But do you eat more than the required quantity?

I know most of us do. So monitor your oil intake, bake instead to frying, sauté instead of frying. Steam is another option of cooking with no oil & it tastes equally good.

Change the cooking style to minimum oil cooking to change to healthy foods.

9.Whole Wheat

Our body needs proteins & whole-wheat grains are a good form of them.

Porridge with diluted toned milk tastes great. Use bran in bread to make your loaf. This gives extra fiber to the body for cleansing the system.

10.Green Vegetables

Green vegetable is a good source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates & fiber. Try to add vegetables to most of your cooking to get the extra fiber.

healthy foods

Will love to hear from you about your new healthy cooking style. If you believe in a healthy cooking, will love to here your expert

With Love,

Food & Life

healthy foods


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