Innovative Cooking To Eat Healthy Everyday


I was 10 when I started cooking in my granma’s kitchen.

I started learning to cook with making a simple preparation of vegetables n potato.

When I started cooking I started falling in love with the art.

For me, cooking has always been an art. The way you cook, the way you dish it, the temperature of a particular food.

The more I learned the more I liked it.

By the age of 13, I started baking cakes, which opened a new way of cooking for me.

I loved to try new recipes, every recipe I made I added a special touch n twist of my own.

Baking became like my first love. As I was innovative with baking, I started learning healthy baking. Click To Tweet

How to control & replace high carb ingredients with proteins rich ingredients & fibre. Click To Tweet


Innovative baking opened a new chapter in my lifestyle. This helped me control my food cravings n my sugar levels as well.

The sugar-free version of the beautiful cupcakes I would fell tempted to eat, but wouldn't eat coz I would put on weight. Click To Tweet

Innovative Cooking Saved My Cravings

  • Now I eat healthily
  • No Cravings for sweets
  • Eating with a twist
  • No starving for the food you love “JUST KNOW THE RIGHT WAY TO COOK
  • Don’t feel bored with the same food again & again
  • Beautiful & vibrant colours in “MY PLATE”


So what stops you from eating your favourite food, with is healthy & nutritious at the same time. A good work out, a healthy meal keeps a stable mind to create a beautiful vision of the future.

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Live life, Love life as you just have one. Don’t waste your energy in thinking, instead, act to get results.

Do you have any such experiences you would love to share with me? Would love to explore more with you.


From A Serial Entrepreneur





  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thank you Stephe.

  2. Stephen

    Right, Cooking is an art. I agree with it 🙂

    I- Wasting time with an Idiot

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