Know Your Body & Eat Right To A Healthy Living


Our body is our temple, we must respect our body.

We all know this but how many of us really take care of our most valued possession.

We never think about it as separate from ourselves. Has this ever crossed your mind?

I guess very fewer times does is occur to us but this is a reality.


When I fell ill I realised this so badly, my mind wanted my body to work. But my body would not respond the same way my mind responded. I was slow in working, felt tired even with small daily activities.

This brought a strong thought to understand the difference between the both.

We need to nurture it, listen to the signals it is sending us. Signals in forms of illness, fatigue, headaches or similar body distress.

The signals we receive are the indications to how the body feels & responds. If you listen to your body it gives clear signals to its wellbeing. But we relate them with moods & activities happening around us.

So it is very important to see the signals & indication sent by our body bringing forth a better living & wellness.

Food is an integral part of our WELLBEING. The daily eating habits contribute to the healing & repairing of cells & tissues.



1.The food decides the energy levels.

The food you consume contributes to your energy levels. You eat a full stomach & after an hour or so instead of feeling energised, you start feeling lethargic & lazy.

Why does this happen even you ate full stomach?

The sudden increase & decrease in sugar levels make the changes. So the mood changes & so does the state of being.

2.The food heals Your Body.

The right proportions of food heal OUR BODY. That is the reason why eating right is so important. The right proportion, the right food as per the age & your lifestyle are critical for a healthy being.

Hope you are doing your bit towards the care & nurture to a healthy life.

With Love,

 Towards Care & Nurture



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