Leadership Starts From Where you restrict your boundaries.

Leaders are born. Are leadership qualities born to? Where are leadership qualities born from the body, the mind or the soul? A human in his entire life confuses his identity that he is not a born leader. We are never able to decide from the time we open our eyes in the world till we close them. What are we confused about? Our identity or how we occur to the other human being?

How can we be a leader, if our entire life we live in confusion. This further closes our boundaries. We keep on telling ourselves that we are not born leaders. We can do this & can’t do that. Our entire being creates boundaries around us. The existence of our leadership is questioned all the time.




As a child the situations we handle & observe we make them our beliefs. We create boundaries & restrict our being. Are we born with our beliefs on? I guess not, then why do we use them. Our beliefs “Let we sail in the comfort zone we are”. We don’t want to challenge ourselves. The unsaid wall of our beliefs restricts us. We create a belief ” I AM NOT A LEADER”.


Since our childhood, we strengthen our beliefs. We restrict our thoughts, our performance & our being. The childhood is a screen of our restrictions & performances today. I lost a competition when I am 10 years & I restrict myself. I feel I am not good my entire life. What happened at the age of 10 becomes my belief. Take a moment & see what happened that you have restricted your leadership skills. Be the leader you wanted to be. Not what you have restricted yourself to.


Stretch Boundaries

Restrict Boundaries

You restrictions become your boundaries. The boundaries become your comfort zone. The fear of losing something valuable in your life. You created all the values in your life. You were born with none. You are the leader of your destiny. Creator of what you wanted. You  always have  the leadership skills. You are the leader of the life you are living.


Did you want the life you are living? Be the leader you always wanted to be. Not the leadership of what you are.Are you happy with what you are today?  Stretch the boundaries a little and see the miracle. The moment you decide to stretch your boundaries. See the magic around you. Things start taking a shift. You are no more the same human being. You become a happy being.



Your unhappiness vanishes. The making of the leader is just a process. The process we restrict since our childhood. All our life we struggle in being the leader we never wanted to be. Let the leader be born, “THE LEADER YOU WANT TO BE”.

Liberate yourself for be the leadership of your choice. Don’t let the beliefs & boundaries restrict the process of being the LEADER. You are what you want to be. Not what your beliefs & boundaries make you. Cheers to the new leader in the making. You are a LEADER. Will be happy to share more on enhancing your leadership qualities.

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