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Weight Loss

Weight Loss



All my life I struggled to lose weight. All my life I dreamt of a perfect body Size. All my life I dreamt of a perfect body shape.

Then I consoled myself that no such thing exists. But in my heart, I knew it is possible. The only thing I didn’t know was, HOW?

I met a friend who is still in perfect body shape. She has two teenage kids and she still looks like the same college girl. She told me the secret. I was so super excited that I wanted to share


Did you know that 15 minutes was more than enough for you to lose weight? You go for a walk but not losing weight? Are you doing the right kind of walking? Just brisk walk for 15 minutes daily. The only important aspect to remember is increasing your pulse rate to 130. Keep the pace maintained for just 15 minutes every day. Here you just lose 3-5 kilograms without any extra effort.


Did you know that simple changes in your diet make a lot of difference? What are you eating? Someone just suggested you about a diet program and you jumped on taking the diet program. Simple changes in your diet will help you lose weight 3-5 kg in a month. Include barn in your chapatti to add extra fiber. Eat oats in some form once a day. Most important is the fiber intake through fruits. Eat one apple a day and Include papaya in the midday and evening 6:00 pm hunger pangs.


Do you drink green tea or Luke warm water after meals? The intake of water in any form slows the digestion process. So remember to keep a gap of at least 45 minutes gap between the meals and Luke warm / Green tea. The same intake will boost your metabolism to improve your digestion. This helps in weight loss. When you are having green tea, this simple tip and feel the difference.

Water intake with food

Drinking water during the meals is a sin. It slows your metabolic rate. Drink water at least 15 – 20 minutes before your meals. This helps the proper flow of enzymes. This helps in better food digestion, leading to higher metabolic rate. Make sure with the help of a simple tip how you can manage your weight.


Carbs are essential for the energy in our body. Carbs taken at the right time and way can help you reduce your weight. Take an example of a simple chapatti. It can make your fat. But if you introduce wheat bran / oat bran as fiber. The same chapatti it will help you reduce your weight.


Never skip your meals especially your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Women always ignore this part of the meals.

Have your breakfast between 8-9 am. This will boost your metabolism rate.

In just 2-3 week, you will see change even your eating pattern.

Simple lifestyle changes can make a great difference in your life. You not only lose weight but also gain confidence. You change your looks. Your attitude also transforms.

You want to transform you just read the article. So what are you waiting for? Just use the simple tips and get yourself transformed.

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