Diet Plan’s Can Lower Your Blood-Sugar Levels


We all love to look great, we all are figure conscious. But do you know dieting can also lower your blood-sugar levels?

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The bad news no one does. Either you eat more sugar than your body requires or less than your body requires.

So how much average sugar does a normal body require to manage its blood-sugar level. For men, it is 9 Tsp a day & for women, it is 5 Tsp a day.blood-sugar

It was a beautiful Sunday morning & I planned to bake a chiffon cake. As I was in the process of baking, the images of the cake surrounded my thoughts.

As I started baking the aroma was all over the kitchen & I couldn’t wait for the cake to come out of the oven. The buzzer beeped & the cake was a  beautiful pale yellow in colour. My taste buds were tickling & I wasn’t able to resist

My taste buds were tickling & I wasn’t able to resist. I put the cake on the rack to cool down so that I could ice & complete the cake.

The whole hour though I was doing my chores, the thought of the cake & its taste lingered my mind.

Another hour or so when the cake completely cooled I iced it with a beautiful cream cheese icing. The smell was so strong that I was unable to resist.

I cut a piece of the cake & served myself. I ate it so fast that I didn’t realise that I finished within minutes. It didn’t occur to my mind how many calories & sugar I had taken in with a single slice of cake.

You now you are wondering how is that possible for the body to manage with so much less sugar. Click To Tweet

Let me explain this to you when you eat food everything you eat is converted into sugar after the breaking down of the food particles.

So the body already has enough sugar to manage blood-sugar level.

  1. Use Jaggery, brown sugar instead of  refined sugar.
  2. Have fruits like bananas, apple, applesauce to fill your sugar cravings.
  3. Dry fruits( Dates, Kishmish), homemade less sugary drinks like lemon water or juices.
  4. Use Stevia instead of sugar only when you have cravings.

Blood-sugar levels spike after a high sugary dessert or drink but then go down badly and makes you feel lazy.

So how do you manage your cravings? Does it ring a bell in your head, sugar is a lethal weapon. The simple body changes happen in day-to-day living & it never even occurs to our mind.

Our body always alarms us in different ways showing signs of tiredness, lethargy or depending on your body type may be different.

What we eat, how our body reacts to all that we consume. Life & lifestyle’s have changed tremendously & so have our bodies.

But one thing is for sure that it does alarms & it is up to you to monitor & understand the alarms. Click To Tweet


With every new technology & invention, we also invent a new disease. We all know precaution is better than cure, but very few of us realize.

If we in our day-to-day eating manage healthy eating habits, we will not suffer.

I will leave you with this thought- “A healthy body can create A healthy mind.”

So do think before you eat. Cheers to life.


With Love

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  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    No,That’s great news coz giving up on sugar amazing.Try using natural fruits as sugar replacers to handle your sugar cravings. Use banana or apple to make cakes or cookies to over come your sudden sugar cravings.

  2. Shilpa Garg

    I have a big sweet tooth. Since the last 4 months, I decided to change that and I have stopped taking sugar in tea/coffee and have sweets/cakes 3-4 times a week. Am I taking less sugar in my diet?

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