You, Your Meals What Can You Change About Them!!!


I love my meals & I know you love your meals as much I love mine.

So what is that we do wrong & become obese, even when we eat healthy. One more thing I would like to tell you your meals is also the food of your soul. Your meals are connected to your soul. They make you feel happy, irritable or fuller even with smaller portions.

So what’s About Your Meals

1.Eating good quality food makes your body feel good and helps uplifting your soul. With soul I mean complete energy all around you. The positiveness you can feel & give back others as well. Some times after eating you feel a certain energy that you work the whole day with out any lethargy. That is the answer, that is the food for your soul. You are not guilty of what you ate, you are energetic, happy & willing to help others. That my friend is what you need.

2.Enjoy what you eat without cribbing or feeling guilty. I see many of my friends talk while eating that I shouldn’t be eating this. It’s not good for my health. Does it sound similar to you as well. Do you also feel guilty without enjoying your food. I have a cheat diet day in my menu once in 15days. I eat guilt free, I know my body also loves it & so does my mind. So what do you do for your meals?

3.Are you having veggie meals just because you feel┬áthe guilt of animals being killed. Though I’m a vegan, but I have made a choice not out of guilt. If your have been a non-vegetarian, & have stopped of guilt don’t do that. Your body will not be in sync with your mind. That is the reason cravings occur. Eat what you love guilt free.

4.Try mixing different elements and spices to your food to make it interesting and not making you bored of dieting. I have invented new ways of eating healthy. I LOVE VEGGIES, though this was not the case 12 years back. I was a hard core non-vegetarian. My body stopped liking that food & so I shifted. I did it by choice.

So what are you waiting for, just make the right choice of your meals to have a guilt free living with your soul. I hope you enjoyed the post, do share how you take care of your guilt free eating. Would love to read your comments. Cheers to life & healthy eating.

With Love

To Your Meals,



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