Mirror, Mirror On The Wall My Only Friend In The World


Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the biggest fool of all?

With the world moving so fast, it seems things are falling apart. Sometimes even we within ourselves feel the disturbance.

Do you feel annoyed and upset in such situations?

For all humans love is the basic need even before the food we eat or the air we breathe Click To Tweet

99% humans can’t survive without love. It’s every human’s basic need.

What’s your story with the mirror?

When you are alone, sad or even have a good news but no one to share it?

Are you YOUR only friend?

Changing Personality To Be With The Group

Just to have a few friends & gain momentary happiness are you changing your persona to please others? This can never make you happy. Constantly your mind will drive you for things you don’t like. But do to keep others happy. Be yourself, to be loved not because others want you to.

Creating false mirror image to get love is no escapism Click To Tweet.mirror












Love Yourself Only In The Mirror

You are only true self when you are in front of the mirror. Is it true? Then you are just misguiding yourself from facing the reality.

Then you are just misguiding yourself from facing the reality.

Can anyone in the world give you happiness Click To Tweet

My answer would be no & I guess yours would be “YES”.

If you love yourself it reflects in all your expressions Click To Tweet

If you love yourself people around will love YOU. It’s a fact, but how do you make people around you love you?

mirrorThat’s a simple trick, You can Conqure hearts & make endless friends.



Love Yourself Endlessly

Don’t just wander around for love.When you love yourself, then only others will love you. Figure out ways to pamper n love yourself. Maybe you love writing, painting or any hobby which nurtures your inner self.

Keep Wearing A Smile

Believe it or not, A smile can win hundred hearts, that’s true. Just for a day, try smiling n see the world smiling with you.

Be Patient & HELP others

What goes around comes back. If you are willing to help others you will notice even receiving sudden help from unknown people.

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TO LOVE, LIFE & YOURSELF( Because You Are Important)


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