No To Sugar Is It IMpossible Or A Misconception


I ate a ton of sugar. It made me very sweet. It also made me very round—now I can’t find my feet.

As kids, we all loved sugar candies, cakes & sweets. Even we as adults love sugary foods & sweets.

But there is a life without sugar also. There are people who develop diabetes & are unable to eat sweet sugary foods.Cupcakes, ice creams &

Cupcakes, ice creams, jams, sauces, gravies & many other sugars processed items.


Is It IMpossible To Avoid Sugar

I know the word in itself shows that yes it is possible.

So now the big question is how is that possible? There are a lot of fruits which high sweet content & can be used as a good substitute.

I have been baking cookies, cakes using fruits as a substitute. They taste good as well as don’t let the cravings ponder in your mind.

My son is a fitness freak & he doesn’t want to miss on all the goodies. I started baking cookies completely using fruits & no form of artificial sweeteners.

Baking is a passion & helped me baking with fruits & natural sweeteners.

Fruits like the banana are used in cookies & making ice creams, they really  taste delicious. This helps in overcoming natural cravings & also maintain your nutrients the fruits provide.

Apples in the form of apple sauce or raw apples help as a natural sweetener.

I make a healthy tea with apple & cinnamon not only it tastes good but helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Stevia is a natural sugar which can be used as a replacer.

Using different fruits in different forms of cooking & baking you can make wonderful tasty foods avoiding the refined sugar. You can manage your sugar levels without eating processed foods or refined sugars.


Do you have cravings & tend to eat deserts? Try & bake using natural fruits to replace sugar. Do connect if you want to share the recipes.

With Love,

Healthy Baking



  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Next month will be sharing recipes of healthy food, Thanks foe stopping by.

  2. Crystal Green

    I have a major sweet tooth and that has cost me quite a bit through the years with my weight. I am looking forward to learning how to use these substitutes like you mentioned.

    You’re right it’s not impossible, but it does require getting creative.

  3. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Karnika you found it useful.

  4. Karnika Kapoor

    My guilty pleasures are cake or cookies with coffee and it is really hard to avoid at times. The result of that is breakouts on my skin. Your baking with fruits is a wonderful idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Paromita you liked it.

  6. Paromita Goswami

    So nice article. I wish I had watched my weight before picking up that ice cream and cakes. Thank you so much for sharing.

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