Relationship Status- Update Your Status Now.

Relationship Status.

Relationship Status

Relationship Status

What’s your relationship status? Is it complicated or complex? Do you have a persistent complaint in a relationship?  Is the relationship a formality? Switching relationship is a status today. The hub of emotions, love, affection & care no longer prevail. What’s wrong with the world today?

What we do sow we reap is a universal law. Our relations are souring. We have no time for children, parents, wife.  Our relationship status is always complaining. Our parents are left with no quality time. We are so full of our complaints & ego’s that we don’t see anything else in relationships.

The untamed animals have become more skillful in love. Whereas the most skillful animal has become a beast of no emotions. The relationship no more emotes love & affection towards each other.



A mother in her last days expecting to see all her children. On her death bed, all her children, brothers, sisters surround her.  She uttered her last words before her death. “ I feel so loved right know. We should have gotten like this more often”.

Why do we have to wait for the relations to nurture & cared till our deathbed?The nail in the coffin is that  we are a  tag on the death bed?  The relations are alive n breathing. The only need is nurture & care.



Where do we stand in our relationship status? On the verge of breaking up. The focused center is “ I, ME, MYSELF”. No responsibility in relationships has made them more complex. Relationships have built more barriers in relations.

Trying to always prove ourselves  right & the other person wrong in a relationship.

Love All Around You

Emoting love & affection the base of a human. We like to love & care. No human can survive without love.Is there a denial of it? Love has no language. It is the language of signs. But we look for love in words, not in sign.

The disturbance in relationships causes chaos. The inability to handle the disturbance causes chaos & disturbance. The problem is not the situation or the problem. It is the reaction to the problem that creates chaos. Respond to the situation not react.

Set Yourself Freeeeee…….

Set Free

Set Free

We make the relationships complex. We create boundaries in relationships. We suffer from pain & agony. Why are we driving ourselves crazy? Our relationship status is not who we are. Humans have emotions.

I was walking on the road to reach my office. I saw a car ran over a dog. I sat there near the dog by the roadside trying to help him. Tears ran down my cheeks, I was crying. And just before he died he licked the tears in my eyes.  I felt the love & affection of an animal. He amazed me through his emotions.

Set yourself free to love. It is all around you. You just can’t survive without love. Set yourself free with LOVE.

relationship status

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