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right food

Right food plays 80% role in weight loss, it’s a proven fact.

20% role is played by exercise, so what do you prefer? Click To Tweet

Cultivating eating the right food may seem overwhelming, but it definitely helps you in a long run.

So what are you thinking? Is it so difficult? Click To Tweet

It always seems difficult, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning your brain via practice.

So what say?

Shall we start, a new lifestyle?

Yeh, I’m so excited for you just gave it a thought.


Plan the right food, at least, a week before you start. Generally, the breakdown in following the right food is not available in your pantry. And you just jump back to your old habits.

Have loads of the transformational food. I will share a short list with you.

right food

Must Have Right Food

1.Yogurt- Yogurt is probiotic & is good for health. You can do a lot with yogurt, hang it in a muslin cloth in a fridge. Leave it for about 24 hours in the fridge. What you will be left with is cream cheese. You can use it as dressings, toppings & use herbs to change the flavor.

2. Oats– Full of fiber & can be combined with a lot of other foods to create a new dish. You can crush oats add yogurt, vegetables, cheese & bake them as cupcakes. Not only they taste good they are nutritious &  help you overcome the nasty thoughts of missing all the outside food.

3.Green Vegetables– We all love the color of green vegetables, at the same time we don’t like to eat them every day.

We find them boring.

So I created a pizza which is completely oil-free n has a whole wheat base, I add loads of green vegetables n bake it.

The fun is even the kids love it with all the vegetables n never resist on eating it. Click To Tweet

With health & weight loss is either you are obsessed with the right food or you just eat it because you set your target to lose weight.

With innovative cooking & baking, all foods look interesting & taste good at the same time Click To Tweet

Food is the soulful, for both body & mind. I strongly believe in eating the right food for my body & mind.

I hope I’ve been helpful with my life facts I’m sharing with you. Hope to hear your valuable comments on eating right.

Wanna talk to me just drop a mail, would love to answer your queries. Or TWEET to me.

With Love,

Right Food & Healthy Eating

right food


  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Oats in all forms are healthy due to it is fiber, have it in any way just keep the oil intake monitored. N thanks you liked it.

  2. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Paromita you liked it.

  3. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Kala it’s just a mind set, really appreciate it.

  4. Kala Ravi

    Hi Richa, this is an invaluable tip! simple enough but I am sure very effective. Good to plan in advance tso that one can stock up on all the required food stuff. Thanks for sharing
    @KalaRavi16 from

  5. Paromita Goswami

    Again a brilliant post Richa. Thanks so much for motivating me.

  6. rajlakshmi

    I love yogurt and Oats … not sure how healthy the Masala Oats is but I love it anyway.

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge
    Co-host Pam’s Unconventional Alliance Team
    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

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