Stranger, Chocolates & Santa Clause


As it was Christmas yesterday, on my daily routine of morning walk I planned to enjoy with the kids in the park. I picked up a pack of chocolates a night before on Christmas Eve. 

The morning was beautiful, slightly windy & happiness all around. I started my walk & around a kilometer or so found a bunch of kids. I started sharing the chocolates & there was a gush of noise & happiness on their face. I walked another km & again found a few kids & repeated the same  sharing of chocolates.

The joy was all around as I was enjoying it with the kids all around me. I started walking again & I found a child walking with his father. I offered him chocolates, as any other child, he accepted the chocolates.

As I turned back, the father told his child “DON’T ACCEPT CHOCOLATE FROM A STRANGER”

All of a sudden I felt all my happiness had gone with a single COMMENT of the parent.

It took me a moment to realise that it was not I that the father was concerned. The concerned was deeper. The concern of someone hurting his child or may be drugging him with a chocolate. Out of all the other parents, there was only one parent who was educating on this topic.

My annoyance had vanished & suddenly a wake-up call on parents educating their children had started. Kids can be lured with a simple chocolate that wasn’t strange.

The issue is sensitive & to be handled delicately. If you tell a child not to do something, he still might not do it.

So how can we Educate the children on Handling a stranger? Click To Tweet



  • Share stories that can make children understand the importance of not receiving things from strangers. This leaves a long lasting impression on the mind of the children.
  • Ask relevant questions related to the topic on strangers. On what will they do when they see a stranger?
  • Ask for permission to go before they walk away from an adult & where they are going.
  • Also, share relevant information with their friends as their friends influence kids the most.

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