The Uncommunicated Expectation No Breathing Space.

Adam & Eve, when came to earth, had a simple relationship. The relationship was love. Today humans have complicated relationships.  Love is the missing element. The uncommunicated expectations leave no breathing space in relationships.

All About Me

All About Me


For us, relationships are more about me. Where we are more focused on ME. Humans are more focused on what I have dedicated, sacrificed for the relationship. Only the ME is existing in the relationship. The WE is no more exists. The uncommunicated expectations reach new heights.

In a situation, we are more focused on what I have contributed to the relationship. If the relationship is not working it is not my responsibility. I have given it all. The uncommunicated expectation is high.Breathing of a relation is  most important to keep it alive.

 Breakthrough conversation.


There is no breathing space in relationships. The uncommunicated expectations are high. Just take a moment and look into the situation. The frustration, obsession & madness are driving our lives. But can we just change the whole relationship with a simple tool.

The tool is a conversation. Not just any conversation, a breakthrough conversation. What does a breakthrough conversation mean? Converse with your heart not your brain. The amount of communication required in a relationship is owning the responsibility.

The uncommunicated expectations in the relationship take the front row in human life. We start imagining and create clouds of misunderstandings. Replace the uncommunicated through breakthrough communication.

The Best Relationship is yet to come.



Keep the relationship breathing & booming. Let the uncommunicated expectations go for a ride. Nurture this new bud of relationship with love. The breathing space within the relationship expands.

No room for uncommunicated expectations prevails. No breathing space becomes the story of the past.

The best relationships are yet to come is no more a dream. You find your soul mate in the journey. The journey of communication, joy & fulfilled love. The journey of complete & oneness progress with a strong bond. Breakthrough Communications healing relationships.

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