Watch Out: How Fad Food Is Taking Over and What To Do About It

With fast pacing world we have stopped to watch food intake.

So how’z life working for you this way?

Is it good, bad or ugly?

I know that you never have given it a thought. It has never even occurred to you that this is a point of relevance to be taken care of. All the extra weight your body is carrying, all the knee pains you are suffering. You just can’t exercise because you are over weight.

Or are you doing something about it?

Let’s go back to where all this started.

Your mom is still fit & looks better even at 60, why? I will tell you the reason, she lives a lifestyle where there was less sitting & all the meals were simple & basic.


What has changed today is a processed life. What is a processed lifestyle?

A processed lifestyle that we are more dependent on outside food rather than food made at home. So what’s wrong with that. The basic problem with all the processed foods is to improve the quality of food they add emulsifiers, add preservatives to increase the shelf life. This has an effect on our body, they harm our body.

You leave from office & are feeling so tired that going home & cooking seems a big project. The first thing that occurs to your mind is let me order something & kids will also feel

Why do you eat OUTSIDE Food

  1. It’s less time consuming for us.
  2. We feel it’s cheaper.
  3. Our taste buds tempt us.
  4. I’m busy & it takes time to cook meal mindset.

What Can You Change

1.Focus on looking at your health side.

2. Try to prepare meals early in morning.

3. Mould the flavourings according to your tastebuds.

4 keeping fruits and nuts always with you on the go.

5. Try for some healthy alternatives around you as its the matter of your priorities.

Do share your comments on what healthy eating options you opt for while eating outside?

With Love

Eating Healthy Food




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