Manage Weight & Fitness With Busy Working Schedule


Fitness has become a word with a mis-concept to many.

We love to be a zero size, but always think is that true. We become passionate the moment we see a big film star talking about a weight loss programme he/she took. We all want to look like them fit, good looking, in fact, live a movie star. We all love the limelight.

I was talking to a friend & she says fitness is the most difficult thing to manage.

I asked her why & the answer was I can’t follow a strict fitness regime.


So I asked her what is the challenge, she said I can’t follow a strict routine. Though I love to but my job is too demanding. I need to look after the house & kids.

So when she was talking her part every bit she said was my story. That moment it hit me that this is the same journey for many.

We read a book on diets & get inspired a start a fitness regime. A week or so passes & all the plans are just axed with the whole regime.

Does this happen with you?

It happens with everybody.

The beauty of humans is we want constant change & so does our exercise regime.

We can choose a variety of workout regime as your time availability. Instead of completely avoiding & not following any schedule.


List Of Fitness Regime.

1.Simple Yoga to keep your body flexible.

2.Pilates at home to keep the muscles toned.

3.Stretching exercises to keep the blood circulation

4.Kick jump to increase blood rate for weight loss

5.Walking 15 minutes up & down the staircase to keep knees in a good condition.Join a dance class.

6.Join a dance class.

We all live a busy life but love to look great in all the pictures. We all never want to put on weight. The good news is we all can manage fitness with simple daily routines.

Don’t miss your fitness routine add variety to it & spice it up.

I will be glad to read what your fitness regime is. Do share you’re in site & valuable comments.

With Love,

Fitness & Life





  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Karnika for visiting

  2. Karnika Kapoor

    That can be easily incorporated into busy life! very useful!

  3. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Vishal I hope people listen & understand.

  4. Vishal Bheeroo

    Richa, that’s practical advice on simple exercise and the need to eat right rather than this huge hula boo about size zero which is a health hazard.

  5. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Emilia for your feedback.

  6. emilia

    well, I found out that I love running πŸ™‚ but I also love sweets and chips, and that does not help… :/ πŸ™‚
    seriously though – I started my weightloss with Weight Watchers, the old version that could be found online and turned out it was what I needed. lost vast amount of weight at that time. for a year I was taking different group exercise classes at rec center. and then I gave running a try, and never looked back πŸ˜€ drawback – it is a bit weather-pending πŸ˜‰
    as to the weight – it never came back fully, though I gained a few kgs from where I was. not sure if it is bad or good though πŸ˜‰

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