Q For Quit 4 Wrong Eating Habits To Get A Nouvelle Vie

wrong eating

Wrong eating habits are difficult to quit.

Does it sound familiar?

We all have wrong eating habits, until the time we figure out right eating habits they don't seem wrong. Click To Tweet

Be it shopping in the market or just catching up with friends you just order food, the food we love to eat. That’s just it!

No thoughts, no guilt, no thoughts on ordering the food.

After our chitchats are over & we are done with our overeating, the bloated stomach  starts becoming cranky.

 So what do you do now?

Once the food starts showing its effects, you start feeling lethargic, sleepy your feet won't move. You just want to sleep. Click To Tweet

wrong eating

Sounds familiar, Is the bell ringing in the head?

Are you a conscious eater, or just eat what ever hits your plate? Click To Tweet

No seriously, have you ever put a thought on the wrong eating habits?

Wrong eating is a serious concern. If we know how it hurts our health in the long run. If you haven't thought just start today. Click To Tweet

wrong eating

4 Serious Problems Wrong Eating Habits

  • Obesity, it’s a serious concern, more than 30% of the earth’s population is obese. It’s more because of the wrong eating habits. Till the time we understand & address the problem it’s either too late or it seems a impossible task to overcome.
  • Heart Concerns, according to American Heart Association, the disease is leading to 17.3 million deaths per year. Its a huge number, shouldn’t you be concerned. Take the first step & pledge against wrong eaten habits.
  • Anemia, red blood cells are unable to carry enough oxygen to your body’s cells. Wrong eating habits e.g. lot of junk food like fries, coke can be one of the reasons.

Eating may seem difficult as we fell tempted with all the foods available in the market. I bet baked & zero oil cooking are equally super tasty, without compromise on your eating. You can create a wide variety of finger licking dishes & eat guilt free.

Do address you health concerns & speak with a good physician. I hope you eat healthy & stay healthy.

Would love to hear your comments on what your story is about your eating habits. Do write to me or TWEET to me.

wrong eatingWith Love,

Food Habits & Nouvelle Vie 

wrong eating


  1. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Kala I know you are right the temptations are d biggest set back.

  2. Kala Ravi

    Very true Richa, mindful eating is such an important thing. In fact one needs to cultivate this from early on! But sigh….there are so many temptations always in our way 🙁
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    Thanks Karnika for dropping by.

  4. Karnika Kapoor

    I admit, I indulge myself in stress-eating. However, I try to discipline myself as soon as I notice doing that.
    Nice post!

  5. Richa Jindal (Post author)

    I know we do, thanks for dropping by.

  6. Anonymous

    very true Richa .. we observe wrong eating habits and then blame our weight.. Thnx for such enlightening notes..


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